About Me…

I am a Montessori school teacher.

When people I meet ask me about what I do, I tell them that I firmly believe Montessori is a way of being. It’s a way of being with children. Yes, there’s so much more to it than that, I know, but Montessori is a philosophy, a lifestyle  and it’s not about the “stuff” in the classroom.  It’s not about the pink tower or the long, red rods, or the binomial cube.

Montessori is about slowing down and experiencing real things. It’s about independence and respecting one another. It’s about personal connections.  It’s about letting a child  develop at his own pace and it’s about getting out of the  child’s way, while simultaneously providing a scaffold to support growth.

So why is a mom of two elementary-aged boys, a film wife, and a full-time Montessori teacher starting a blog? Maybe I’m bananas! I don’t have any spare time! I am starting a blog because I feel pretty successful at this childcare thing. I want to
share what I’ve experienced if it can help parents or teachers in their relationships with the tiny people they know.

In my blog, I’ll:

  • share stories that explain why my tips and tricks work. I
    will explain how, grounded in Montessori philosophy, I use
    positive guidance to support relationships.  
  • suggest books and materials that can support children and parents at home, based on what works with my own two boys and in my Montessori classroom.  
  • Share strategies for guiding and redirecting children.
  • Offer ideas to promote personal growth and development.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my experience. I am open to your comments and questions.  Together we can take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold.

If you want to learn more about the Montessori Philosophy, you can read this article from the American Montessori Society.